Reward and Recognition

Reward and Recognition
Oh yes, it is possible to provide a 5 star service as a small tour operator on an island somewhere off the coast of Madagascar in the deep blue Indian Ocean! and Lolotte Rental and Tours Ltd are proving it now with's reward and recognition programme and Lolotte Rental and Tours Ltd's performance!

What is the most important thing you want as a client after posting your query about your upcoming vacation?
And what is it that will ensure you, the provider,  full customer satisfaction and an ongoing relationship with your clients ? The reply in both cases is: Fast and reliable answers to queries.
Large enterprises are investing Millions to ensure it, some of them even setting up around-the-clock service in their offices all over the the world.  No way for a small provider to keep up with that, except for when they really pull up their socks and work hard!
This is exactly what this small Quatre-Bornes based tour operator business has done. Read their success story and be amazed!

As an incentive for their associated travel and tour operator businesses, online accommodation and tour-booking network "" started out their rewards and recognition programme in 2010. Obviously, the marketing tool designed to enhance  the performance of their associated travel businesses worked well, and participants eagerly submitted their data.

And  - surprise - the overall champion for Africa not only for last year, but also for the first quarter of 2011 is Lolotte Rental and Tours Ltd and does not at all come from the vast African continent but rather from a small island far out in the Ocean. Now you may think that has launched a small, easy to win cockamamie contest, linking grass-roots-organisations somewhere in Timbuktu or the steppes of Kazakhstan – and in a way it even may be just that. However, the performance of these organisations and businesses is not laid back at all!

To give you an idea of the level of service Lolotte Rental and Tours Ltd provided: in December 2010, they had 219 traveller emails and requests to respond to. They did this within 24 hours and hence had an average response time of 1 hour and 48 minutes!
So as you can see, they are putting in the extra effort and with statistics like that, they more than deserve the top spot!  So it is indeed possible that first class service is provided on a down to earth level and first class standards can be applied and offered by small grass-roots organisations! 

To give you an idea for the scope of this contest; here are some additional criteria besides response within 24 hours: regular update and submitting of User Defined Pages, unnoticed expiry of season rates and activities on twitter account.

According to, “the overall goal of the rewards and recognition programme is to encourage and recognize those in the network that share the values, demonstrate improvement and strive for excellence in the areas deemed important to the growth and well-being of their business as well as to create an on-going competitive spirit”.

The winner receives a trophy and a cash prize.Looking at the performance, we can rest assured that Lolotte Rental and Tours Ltd really deserved them!