Mauritius Independent Accommodation

When planning an island vacation, you may have your very own reasons for NOT choosing a hotel. If not, let's go ahead and give you some good ones!

What about for instance a chance of enjoying your own tropical garden, or being the only one at the pool in the morning? Or consider the option of spending time at a place where there are no hotels, so you get to know lots of local people and learn how to speak Creole and dance the Sega! Now let us tell you, that there are families who just like their cosy family breakfasts during the holidays so much, that they don't want to spoil it through a tight hotel schedule with fixed times and meals regulations! Others on the other hand just want a break from their busy social schedule and yearn to enjoy utmost privacy and calm as a precious island experience; whereas some just like to have their own space because they are doing something creative like singing, dancing or even painting. Others again might be a part of a group of friends wanting the occasion of hanging out together in their own private space. It doesn't matter really though, whether you belong to one of the above groups, or might like to experience a touch of the real Mauritius by participating in the every-day’s life on this wonderful tropical island rather than being in an enclosed hotel environment!

We guarantee you that whatever your reasons for choosing a self catering holiday arrangement in Mauritius are, you will certainly find the right environment to spend your independent Mauritius Island paradise holiday! A huge choice of apartments, beach bungalows, luxury beach villas and studios are offered literally all over the island and it's hard to miss the one ideally suited for you. So we hope you'll enjoy yourself while perusing this and are proud to present the following wonderful independent island holiday solutions, as we think you certainly deserve the best during your holidays.

Lets start small and work ourselves towards the big solutions gradually, enjoying every step of the way: Rooms and studios in Mauritius can be found in all price categories; ranging from small but cosy budget studios to refined rooms in a simple but charming guest house with shared kitchen or lavishly furnished beach villa, with the owner taking personal care of you, breakfast included and a painting studio at hand. Rooms usually come with their own toilets/showers; and studios may have a small but fully equipped kitchenette. Some rooms are in the city, some are offered on a farm in a wonderful nature environment, whereas others are located in the centre of a bustling seaside town or inland city. They are either air-conditioned or ventilated. Laundry and maid services may be offered as a part of the arrangement or for an extra fee.

Beach bungalows can be found anywhere on or near the beach. They are mostly furnished in cheerful island style, and provide amenities like fully equipped  kitchen, TV, terrace or sitting place, fans or a/c and are mostly surrounded by a garden or green space and in some cases, a pool. According to size, they have one or several bathrooms with separate showers and sometimes a tub as well. They offer any level of comfort and space and are commonly sought after by families with children, groups of people like surfers or couples requiring their own privacy. In most, maid service is included, and laundry as well as cooking available for a fee.

Luxury Villas are available on prime locations either by the beach or on the mountainside. They are almost all surrounded by a wall with a gate and offer a high degree of security and privacy. Their rooms are elegantly furnished and all equipped with air-condition and/or fans. The master bedroom often has its own walk-in closet, toilet and bathtub, and is in some cases furnished with a separate sitting area with sofa, mini bar and TV, like a suite in a five - star hotel. The kitchen comes with all comfort, and there is a guest toilet.  The rooms are equipped with king-size or twin beds and have their own bathrooms with showers. The villas are in most cases surrounded by a carefully landscaped garden with pool or beach-access. Maid and laundry as well as cooking is included; some villas also offer butler services.

So on this amazing and surprising island of Mauritius, home to a diversified crowd of people from all over the world, it comes as no surprise that an equally diverse range of paradise holiday accommodation is on offer. Some of it luxurious, some of it very basic; all of it ultimately suited to its visitors needs, as Mauritius draws a crowd of people to its wonderful shores that is just as diverse as are the islands many spectacular nature and culture sights. However, the right choice of accommodation is certainly the most important factor in turning your island holiday into the ultimate tropical bliss. So take a close look at them, take your time to decide and enjoy choosing the best for you and your beloved ones, as you're certainly worth it!