About Us

Lolotte Rental and Tours Ltd (LRT) is the new WHL local connection for Mauritius and Rodrigues. After being in the tourism sector for the better part of her life, the owner and operator of Lolotte Rental and Tours has got that spark in her that makes all the difference in tourism. Her love for her island, respect for nature and care for her destination are the firm base of her company.

Dominique really knows nature in Mauritius because she grew up surrounded by it. From this she draws the energy to actually be there for her guests day by day. Indeed, LRT cares for their visitors 24 hours a day 7 days a week

The start and the reason

After being involved in Mauritian Tourism for more than 20 years, LRT decided to join forces with WHL in order to reach more people interested in the natural sights of Mauritius and Rodrigues Island. The aim was to provide real eco tourism. Moreover by educating the people on the islands about sustainability at the same time, LRT certainly creates a win/win situation.

Caring For The Destination

During the long years of working in the field, LRT have personally met and befriended the nature-conscious owners of numerous bed and breakfast businesses, guest houses, lodges, beach villas, apartments and studios who aims to fostering eco, adventure and nature tourism. WHL also collaborate with owners and operators of luxury villas, hotels, guesthouses, bed and breakfast, maison d’hôte, apartments who share their principles and ways of "Caring for the Destination"..

Eco, Adventure and Wellness

Following and recognising trends has been one of LRT’s strong points. The company has realised that today’s tourism essentially gravitates towards wellness, culture and adventure. LRT aims to make visitors understand that the term “sustainable” does not only embrace nature, but also the cultural environment of tourism and the protection thereof...

The Personal Touch

Our passion for our island is 100% alive. We want our visitors to experience the real Mauritius and we will go out of our way to get them there. We are happy only after we have made you see, feel and touch Mauritius. We know all the classic things to see and will take you there if you want us to. Even on the way to all the beaten tracks, we will still go the extra mile to show you the roads less travelled, the paradise hidden behind the facade of Paradise Island.

We pick you up, get you wherever you want to go and help you having the best time you could wish for on an island.