Other Disclosures:


Question 1: Are we able to pay with credit card?
Answer 1: Yes you are able to pay by credit card (Visa Card or Master Card).

Question 2: What type of credit or debit cards can I use with Pay Pal?
Answer 2: Pay Pal accepts the following cards:
- Visa / Delta / Electron
- MasterCard / Eurocard
- Pay Pal Top Up Card
- Maestro
- American Express

Debit cards (also known as bank cards) are accepted if they have a Visa or MasterCard logo

Question 3: What are the Visa Requirements in Mauritius?
Answer 3:For more info please visit our Mauritius Visa Requirements page.

Question 4: Is there anything else you think we should prioritize to visit/do during our stay at Mauritius?
Answer 4: We suggest the below activities:
a. Diving – Note that Mauritius was awarded the best diving destination in 2012 by World Traveller for the Indian Ocean.
If you are not a diver, we can suggest Discover Scuba Diving
Should there be diver among, then, when the non divers are doing the Open Water Dive, the divers can join to enjoy a family dives.
Other wise please have a lot of our activities selection

Question 5: What about general weather conditions in December. It seems to be quite warm but also cloudier than we expected reading the public weather forecasts. Is it like that or can we expect a 100% sunny vacation?
Answer 5: December and January are the hottest month.
Regarding the cloud especially the northwest, and west, there are generally good clear sky. However, it is tropical weather where the conditions changes rapidly such as heavy rainfall in very short period.
Additionally, the island has a micro climate meaning that it can be raining on one part and on the other part fully shinning

Question 6: Is there minimum stay for peak season?
Answer 6: Yes we have minimum stay of 7 nights for peak season and 2 nights all year round.

Question 7: Besides the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, are there any other differences between the types of villas, such as the size of the pool and kitchen?
Answer 7: Pools for Villa Type 1 and Type 2 are same sizes: 5m400cm x 5m600 cm.
- Villa Type 3 is bigger size.
- Please note that the Pools are mostly plunge pools with water height of 1400mm.
- All the Kitchens are very spacious in all Villas. Type 1 and Type 2 are of same size, whereas type 3 is bigger size.

Question 8: In the one bedroom villa, is there a separate bath and shower?
Answer 8: Yes.

Question 9: How close are the villas to each other? Are they separated by wall or thin shrubbery?
Answer 9: They are all separated by high walls for a total privacy.

Question 10: Something general about Mauritius, but would you consider September a good month for a beach vacation? Are the rains and temperatures OK?
Answer 10: September is part of our winter season, so we will say it is not so cold and not so hot. As now the world is upside down, it is difficult to predict the temperature and rain falls.
Based on this year, we can say that it was mostly mild cold at night and during the day temperature varied between 20 – 24 degree Celsius.

Question 11: Is it possible to check in earlier than 14h? I would also like to know if I can have a late check out on the last day in Mauritius.
Answer 11: The early check in and late checkout will be depending on availability. Should there be no reservation on the respective day; you will be able to check in earlier and check out later. Early check-in or late check-out is at a supplement

Question 12: It is possible to cancel a reservation?
Answer 12: Yes, however note that our cancellation policy will apply.

Question 13: The staff speaks French?
Answer 13: Staff speaks both French and English.

Book for more than 20 people,please contact us directly

On Request Booking (we will get back within 24 hours)


Minimum stay of 3 nights throughout the year and 7 nights for peak season.

A deposit of USD 605 is required upon arrival of the client. This deposit will be refunded upon departure after performing an inventory in the villa.

Early check in and check-out with surcharge.

There is no hidden charges on your bookings. All local taxes, fees etc are included in the rate